1. How do I pay for my jackets with DAREZON?

There are a number of payment platforms available for you to easily pay for your order, like PayPal, Mastercards, American Express, and others.

  • Will There Be Any Hidden Charges included?

No, there will be no additional or any sorts of hidden charges involved throughout your purchase and the shipment. Sometimes, the customers do get worried about the additional charges that they are contacted and asked to be paid by the courier service. Please know that those charges are either for the charges that are applied by the courier company while delivering the order to a location that is listed as a remote location or sometimes, the custom charges that are required by the region. Also, in case of return, or exchange, the customer will be responsible for the payment of shipping charges.

  • Do You Offer A Money-Back Guarantee To The Customers?

Yes, in case of the received package being incorrect or the customer not receiving the product at all, or the order being held by the store itself for some reasons, then they are eligible for money-back within 30 days of the purchase. 

  • Can I Make Any Changes In The Order After Placing It?

Yes, your order can be changed or altered but only within the 12-hours of the order being placed. However, in certain circumstances, a customer’s request for changes in order can be accepted, but that should still also be within the time frame of 24-hours. The reason for this is because the order is proceeded to the manufacturing and other departments after the 12-hours of order placement.

  • Do You Ship All Around the World?

Yes, indeed. DAREZON offers to all the regions and countries around the globe with the exception of a few. Even though we also offer free shipping but that is limited to certain locations.

  • How Many Days Will It Take for My Order To Be Delivered?

The approximate standard shipping time for our order range within 10-15 business days, during which your order is being processed, manufactured, checked, and then shipped. Do know that the given time include the days estimated till the shipment of the product and does not account for the days it will take for the courier service to deliver it to your doorstep.

  • Can I Exchange the Jacket Once After Receiving It?

That can be done. However, the exchanged for the jacket will not be returned, unless there is a valid reason for it. For the return of the jacket, it should be sent back in the packaging the product came in. The tags of the item should not have been removed and the jacket should also be in the perfect condition without any damages. The exchange requests for the products are entertained only for a limited time after the product has been delivered.

  • Are There Any Promo Codes or Offers?

DAREZON often provides discount codes during their sales or promotions that are based on Holidays, seasons, or a month. Upon adding the code during the checkout, the allotted amount for the promo code will deducted from your total payment.

  • What Will Happen In Case of My Order Being Lost or Never Being Received By Me?

Even though these issues do not happen more often, but, in such a case, the customer will either be sent another item that will also be shipped free of cost or the customer’s paid amount will be refunded to them. However, for this compensation, proper inspection will be done. Also, the replacement product or the Money-Back will only be issued if the tracking record for the item also shows it to be lost. If not, then the package will be suspected to be stolen after the delivery, for which DAREZON will not be responsible.

  1. How Can I Contact DAREZON If I Have More Queries?

No matter the query or concern, our dedicated customer service staff will always be there to answer it. All you need to do will be to contact us at [email protected]